AmeriPharma named one of Inc. 5000’s fastest-growing companies in America

ORANGE, Calif. — AmeriPharma is among the latest health care industry leaders to join the 2019 Inc. 5000: The Most Successful Companies in America list.

An honor exclusive to companies that exhibit consistent growth, the pharmacy ranked among the nation’s top 5000 privately-owned companies in terms of revenue gain and growth percentage within a three-year period.

With a 130 percent growth in revenue from 2015 to 2018, AmeriPharma beat out thousands of hopefuls to secure a place on the magazine’s list as a first-time honoree.

Over the years, AmeriPharma has found a niche in identifying underserved sectors of the pharmacy industry, starting with the local long-term care community. In time, the company grew to become the pharmacy of choice for long-term care facilities throughout Southern California and beyond.

Dr. Andrew A. Harper, founder of AmeriPharma, attributes the company’s success to its innovative approach to pharmacy and its ability to offer reliability, personalized attention and convenience.

“It’s our mission to provide excellent pharmacy services and enhance our patients’ quality of life,” Harper says. “Throughout the years, we’ve built strong partnerships and have come to understand the unique challenges of our clients.”

The company currently operates four separate divisions to serve the unique needs of its diverse clientele. Harper attributes AmeriPharma’s rapid growth to its personalized approach to pharmacy.

“We have recognized the need for services that were not widely available through most pharmacies and developed modern-day solutions for some of the most vulnerable patients within the health care system,” says Harper.

These divisions include: MedBox, a life-saving service that fills and sorts prescriptions by the dose and delivers to customers’ homes; Specialty Care, a specialty pharmacy that provides full-service coordination; Infusion Center, a state-of-the-art infusion therapy facility; and Long Term Care, pharmacy services specifically tailored to long-term care facilities.

Each division has adopted AmeriPharma’s “We Care!” philosophy by placing patients at the forefront of every single decision, action, and innovation.

“We are truly honored that our hard work and patient-centered care has earned us this accolade,” Harper adds. “We hope that this will allow us to expand our mission in providing unparalleled service within the industry.”

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About AmeriPharma

In 2006, AmeriPharma opened its doors for the first time as a community pharmacy. Dr. Andrew A. Harper, founder of AmeriPharma, wanted a retail pharmacy experience that would offer reliability, personalized attention and convenience to the community.

It didn’t take long before Long Term Care (LTC) facilities recognized AmeriPharma’s service and dedication.  AmeriPharma quickly became the pharmacy of choice for many LTC facilities in the surrounding areas.

As patient and facilities’ demands grew, AmeriPharma adapted to cater to them, fulfilling their mission of providing excellent pharmacy services and enhancing our patients’ quality of life.

Currently, AmeriPharma operates from its own building in Orange, California, and has four distinct divisions: Specialty Care, Infusion Center, and MedBox.